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Thursday, 23rd August
Workshop Room 1
10:00 - 18:00

    Coding session

    Friday, 24th August
    Workshop Room 1
    10:00 - 18:00

      Coding session

      Saturday, 25th August
      Room 1
      10:00 - 10:45
      Opening talk


      Welcome talk by Nextcloud's Frank Karlitschek and guests.

      11:00 - 11:05
      Getting started contributing to Nextcloud

        Kevin Gathuku (Software Developer Andela)

      You want to contribute to an open source project like Nextcloud, but how do you get started?

      In this talk, we explore practical steps from my first-hand experience on ways to make this process easier both for you and the project maintainers!

      11:05 - 11:10
      Pew pew sounds and mothers-in-law

        Arthur Schiwon ( Nextcloud)

      In Nextcloud 14 admins and regular users are informed about important changes and new features. What is behind the little popup? And what's on the horizon for apps?

      11:10 - 11:15
      How we can get control back from the Internet giants

        Masayuki Note (CEO TEGLET / Waffle Computer)

      NEC, a Japanese computer manufacture, is going to release a new router that has a versatile server function within six months. We believe this would be epoch-making for our privacy and the future of th Internet.

      I am going to present the concept of the project, and how Nextcloud plays the role in this project.

      11:16 - 11:21
      Desktop Client

        Camila Ayres (Software Engineer Nextcloud)

      Over the last year we've worked on a variety of changes in the client and in this talk I'll go over the new features and give a bit of an idea of where we are going.

      11:21 - 11:26
      Enough: an app and a community to help journalists, sources and HRD

        Loïc Dachary (Artisan Logiciel Libre Enough Community)

      Investigative journalists should maintain a secure communication channel for exchanging information and documents with their sources. When a whistleblower sends a document, it often ends up in DropBox, Google Drive or iCloud. Although they have good security measure, and can be trusted to fight against malicious people, they can also be expected to do everything in their power to keep being the third party everyone needs. Journalists and human rights defenders need to free themselves of dependencies on third parties: it is an effective way to increase the security of their communication and protect the privacy of their data. Enough is both a NextCloud app and a community committed to help them change. Once they start to use NextCloud as an alternative to DropBox and other similar services, it opens a path where they can learn about new security concepts.
      11:26 - 11:31
      Undoing a Ransomware infection

        Marcel Waldvogel (Professor University of Konstanz), Matthias Held

      Ransomware is different. These differences, the scientific background of the work resulting in this app, and how an end user can efficiently protect against Ransomware, will be explained in this short talk. With this talk, you will learn to stop worrying about Ransomware and resume sleeping soundly.

      11:32 - 11:37
      Recent work on Collabora Online by Collabora

        Tor Lillqvist (Contractor Collabora Productivity)

      In this lightning talk I will present some things we at Collabora have been working on in Collabora Online during the last year.

      11:37 - 11:42
      Prototype Fund Round 5: Let machines learn!

        Katharina Meyer (Head of Outreach Prototype Fund / Open Knowledge Foundation)

      The Prototype Fund supports ideas in civic tech, data literacy, data security, and software infrastructure. With a grant of up to €47.500, software developers, hackers, and creatives can write code and develop innovative open source prototypes over a period of six months. Currently and until September 30th, freelance developers and small interdisciplinary teams can apply for funding with their open source idea. More Info:

      11:42 - 11:47
      Improvements in frontend testing of Nextcloud

        Julius Härtl

      We recently introduced visual ui testing that compares the interface of Nextcloud on each pull request to avoid UI regressions. This talk will give an overview of how this was achieved and what further steps we take to improve the automated testing of the user interface.

      11:47 - 11:52
      Using Nextcloud at the Municipality of Tirana

        Silva Arapi (IT Governance Specialist Municipality of Tirana)

      The Municipality of Tirana has been using Nextcloud as a file-sharing solution and collaborative platform for more than an year now. During this talk I will share our experience with the implementation of Nextcloud and the challenges we faced, I am going to talk about the infrastructure and how our users reacted to the platform.

      11:52 - 11:57
      From VideoCalls to Talk

        Joas Schilling, Ivan Sein ( Nextcloud)

      History of the last year and outlook for the near and very far future of our Talk app

      11:57 - 12:02
      Talk for Android - Blend of the little things

        Mario Danic ( Nextcloud GmbH)

      We'll take you all the way to the beginnings of Talk for Android, tell you how it all started, learn a bit about the current features and ask you to come join us on this beautiful journey!
      12:03 - 12:08
      Spreed services for Nextcloud Talk

        Joachim Bauch ( struktur AG)

      This talk presents the Spreed services for Nextcloud Talk, which can be used to scale up Nextcloud Talk. It describes the current workflow and limitations with WebRTC signaling and streaming in Nextcloud Talk, and shows how Spreed services can provide improvements.

      12:08 - 12:13
      Diversity in Open Source

        Camila Ayres (Software Engineer Nextcloud), Jona Azizaj ( Collabora Productivity), Jan-Christoph Borchardt (Design Lead Nextcloud)

      Diversity in Open Source

      12:13 - 12:18
      The Nextcloud VM

        Daniel Hansson (Owner Hansson IT AB / Tech and Me)

      The Nextcloud VM is a popular way to deploy you Nextcloud for the first time. The scripts make it easy for any sysadmin to deploy in almost any environment. It's made with simplicity in mind and is therefore also very popular amongst users that aren't familiar with Linux.

      This talk will explain a little bit about the history behind the VM and how it's developed over time.

      12:24 - 12:29
      ♻️ Make yourself obsolete!

        Jan-Christoph Borchardt (Design Lead Nextcloud)

      We are a free & open source project and it’s important for us to have a healthy community. Everyone of us who is working full-time on Nextcloud did at some point volunteer and slowly got involved more and more.We all need to foster our community by working in the open and collaborating with others. 👋
      12:30 - 12:35
      1-Click install: integrate Nextcloud with your system

        Alessandro Polidori (Software Engineer Nethesis)

      This talk will explains the process used to integrate Nextcloud with a CentOS-Based Linux distribution (NethServer) to have a single click installation ready to use, easy to deploy and integrated with the system: automatic backup, LDAP integration, mysql and apache pre-configured. We will analyze strong and weak points we have met and the solved problems.

      12:35 - 12:40
      F-Droid status update

        Marcus Hoffmann ( F-Droid)

      I'll be talking a bit about what happened in the F-Droid ecosystem the last year.

      12:40 - 12:45
      Introducing cdav-library

        Georg Ehrke (Software Engineer Nextcloud GmbH)

      Given the lack of suitable javascript libraries for CalDAV and CardDAV, we decided to develop our own. This library will subsequently replace a different library in the Contacts app and our own CalDAV implementation in Calendar and Tasks.

      This talk will show up capabilities of our library, how to use it in your own app and how to get involved in development.

      12:46 - 12:51
      Another year of HackerOne statistics

        Roeland Douma ( Nextcloud GmbH)

      I'll go over our hackerone statistics of the last year. Trying to give some context to the numbers.

      13:00 - 13:55

        Free lunch for all speakers & guests of Nextcloud Conference!

        14:00 - 14:45
        Keynote (title tba)

          Linus Neumann ( Hacker, CCC)


        15:00 - 16:50
        Starting to contribute to Nextcloud, introductory workshop

          Camila Ayres (Software Engineer Nextcloud), Jona Azizaj ( Collabora Productivity), John Molakvoæ (Software Engineer Nextcloud), Jessica Greene (Student for Summer of Code RGSoC), Jan-Christoph Borchardt (Design Lead Nextcloud), Xheni Myrtaj (Developer phpList)

        Interested in contributing to Nextcloud but not sure how? In this introductory workshop we will guide you in getting your development environment set up and starting your first issue. This workshop is being run with support from Open Source Diversity, a monthly Meetup in Berlin that provides a friendly and safe environment for contributing to open source.We look forward to getting you started with contributing to Nextcloud Open Source software!
        17:00 - 18:00

          Maxence Lange ( Nextcloud)

        Workshop about FullTextSearch:

        - What is FTS ?

        - How to setup FTS on your Nextcloud.

        - What can be done with FTS, and how is it done.

        Workshop Room 1
        15:00 - 16:50
        Hands on User Management

          Arthur Schiwon ( Nextcloud)

        Based on my talk from this year's Chemnitzer LinuxTag we are going to look into the different facets on user management. What are the components in Nextcloud? How do backends work? How to react on events like user creation or deletion? How to auth from an external app? These and more topics will be covered, but most importantly: bring your problems and let's find a way to solve it in this workshop. Of course, you can also just join for inspiration :)

        17:00 - 18:50
        ♻️ Let’s make ourselves obsolete!

          Jan-Christoph Borchardt (Design Lead Nextcloud)

        The workshop to learn how to foster our community by working in the open and collaborating with others. 👋 (Companion workshop to the lightning talk.)

        Workshop Room 2
        15:00 - 16:50
        Nextcloud Georeplication

          Stefan Heitmüller

        We are going to setup a demo with S3 storage-backed Nextcloud instance where the S3 Minio storage will be replicated automatically to another geographic location. Also, we add MySQL Master/Slave replication for the database to be able to switch over to the backup instance in a worst-case scenario like fire.

        I'll also discuss alternate approaches plus pros and cons of different solutions.

        The lab demo runs with Docker.

        17:00 - 18:50
        Federated data storage and communication

          Marcel Waldvogel (Professor University of Konstanz), Klaus Herberth ( University of Konstanz)

        The Cloud is that powerful magic world, where everything is possible. Behind the shiny marketing, however, the Cloud is only someone else's computers. Those owners often have their own goals, which rarely align with your goals as the user.

        Regaining control over your data and communication is easy. Massive, centralized solutions have many problems; but isolated islands for data and communication are rarely attractive. One of the greatest features of Nextcloud is Federated Cloud Sharing, automatically building bridges on demand between these islands, combining autonomy and independence with utmost flexibility.

        Federated solutions (scalable, yet flexible) not only work for data sharing, nation states, and the Galactic Federation. it also works for communication. XMPP is powerful and secure federated Instant Messaging protocol, to match all the social and/or privacy needs.

        In the course of this workshop, we will guide you to set up Nextcloud and extend it with XMPP. We will bring Raspberry Pis, but you can also bring your own device.

        Please do bring a laptop with web browser and SSH client to configure the Raspis.


        Die Cloud ist das Zauberwelt, die alles möglich macht. Dass aber dahinter nur die Computer Anderer stehen und diese ihre eigenen Ziele verfolgen, wird meist übersehen. Dabei ist es so einfach, selbst die Kontrolle über die Daten und die Kommunikation zu erlangen. Insellösungen reichen meist nicht, da wir dann doch soziale, vernetzte Menschen sind, die einige ihrer Daten auch teilen wollen.

        Föderierte Lösungen sind da der richtige Ansatz: Skalierbar und trotzdem flexibel,ist die Föderation bekannt als Struktur vieler europäischer Staaten und der Galaktischen Föderation. "Föderiert" bedeutet bei Datenspeicherung Nextcloud, bei Kommunikation XMPP, auch als Jabber bekannt. Im Rahmen dieses Workshops können die Teilnehmer unter Anleitung eigene Datenspeicher auf einem Raspberry Pi unter Nextcloud einrichten und vernetzen sowie mit föderiertem Instant Messaging erweitern.

        Mitbringen soll jeder Teilnehmer einen eigenen Laptop mit Webbrowser und SSH-Client.

        Workshop Room 3
        15:00 - 16:50
        Scalability of the PPP app used for free NC instances

          Dennis Pennings (CEO/CTO 360ICT)

        We make it possible for people to easily make use of free Nextcloud instances. The free instances relies on the PPP app, which isn't very scalable and only usable in single instance. This workshop is ment for the PP's to brainstorm on what design is more suitable for more scalability and to be able to use more than one instance with the PPP app. One suggestion is to use the Global Scale siteselector to create a directory service in front of multiple instances:
        19:00 - 23:59
        Barbecue at c-base

          c-base (Crashed space station c-base)

        Join us at c-base for some drinks and a nice barbecue!

        If you don't know c-base: It is a mythical hackerspace located next to the Spree river (yes, one of these cool places where you can hang out directly next to the water and sip your beer) where we hold our monthly Berlin Nextcloud Meetups. Or a crashed space station, depending on who you ask.

        We're happy to show you around the space if you haven't seen it. Or just come enjoy a chill evening after a day of talks, get some food and drinks, and hang out with us!

        Sunday, 26th August
        Room 1
        10:00 - 10:30
        Nextcloud to the rescue at the North-West University

          Hans Erasmus (Junior Infrastructure Architect North-West University South Africa)

        With three campuses, 11 official languages, fresh off a major restructuring process and research data scattered across multiple external hard-drives, IT was left with left with a major headache. Sound familiar, right? The big question came up: what are we going to do? Enter Nextcloud. A short overview of how we came to use Nextcloud with Collabora Online, and where we are heading.

        10:30 - 10:45
        Indie Computing Special Announcement

          Johannes Ernst (CEO Indie Computing Corp.)

        We created something which we haven't revealed yet. Something we think you all will like. We can't wait to show you! See you there.

        11:00 - 11:05
        Nextcloud's Two-Factor Authentication

          Christoph Wurst (Software Engineer Nextcloud)

        Nextcloud offers integrated two-factor authentication with popular factors like TOTP (a.k.a Google Authenticator) and U2F devices.

        Starting with Nextcloud 14, a new provider is available to allows sending authentication codes via external messaging gateways like SMS, Telegram and Signal.

        11:05 - 11:10
        My GIT journey to contributing to Nextcloud

          Jessica Greene (Student for Summer of Code RGSoC)

        A lightening talk about navigating GIT and contributing to open source using the imagery of the Wizzard of Oz.

        11:10 - 11:15
        Android Files Client - Retrospection and sneak preview

          Tobias Kaminsky (Android Developer Nextcloud GmbH)

        What happened in Android Files Client since last Conference and what are our next big planned features?

        11:15 - 11:20
        Nextcloud Single Sign On for Android

          David Luhmer

        In this talk we will discuss some login related UX-problems and the solution we came up with. We will give you a brief overview on how to get started using our single sign on feature. 

        The nextcloud single sign on library allows you to use accounts as well as the network stack provided by the nextcloud files app. Therefore you as a developer don't need to worry about asking the user for credentials , handle self-signed ssl certificates, implement two factor authentication and saving the users credentials in a secure manner. 

        11:21 - 11:26
        ONLYOFFICE Online Editors: collaborate on documents in real time

          Galina Goduhina (Head of Sales ONLYOFFICE)

        We'll briefly present ONLYOFFICE and tell the audience what we're doing and planning in terms of our integration with Nextcloud.

        11:26 - 11:31
        🚧 Breaking barriers

          Jan-Christoph Borchardt (Design Lead Nextcloud)

        Accessibility is good for everyone. Working to improve it does not only benefit people with disabilities. It ensures that everything of our project is readable, understandable and usable. 🎉And of course it also gives you keyboard navigation, shortcuts and the dark theme we l33t h4x0rs love so much! 👩‍💻

        11:32 - 11:37
        Deck app status update

          Julius Härtl

        Deck is a  kanban-style project and personal management app for Nextcloud. I will give an overview of the progress we've made in the past year and look out on what great features will come next.

        11:37 - 11:42
        Nextcloud for personal use

          Silva Arapi (IT Governance Specialist Municipality of Tirana)

        During this talk I'm going to share some some simple tips on how one can use Nextcloud and some of the apps on a daily basis, which will help you be more productive and make your daily tasks easier.

        11:42 - 11:47
        DAVdroid / Managed DAVdroid / dav4android

          Ricki Hirner (, Bernhard Stockmann (

        See how DAVdroid (CalDAV/CardDAV client for Android) can be deployed in organizations (Managed DAVdroid). We will also discuss the underlying open-source WebDAV library dav4android and how it can be used within other projects.
        11:48 - 11:53
        Using Nextcloud from Moodle

          Jan Dageförde

        As an increasing number of files is stored in the cloud, users expect to be able to use them seamlessly from the applications that they use on a daily basis. A basic integration of Nextcloud Files with Moodle can be achieved with the help of a simple Moodle plugin. The talk covers this plugin and future ideas for extension.

        11:53 - 11:58
        Update on the calendar app

          Georg Ehrke (Software Engineer Nextcloud GmbH)

        This talk will give you a brief overview of what's happening in the Calendar app lately and what's coming up in the future. We will also discuss various ways for you to get involved. 

        11:58 - 12:03
        Nextcloud as a single-logon hub

          Marcel Waldvogel (Professor University of Konstanz)

        Integration between two services is always a challenge, especially if end users are involved. We tell you how JSXC mastered this challenge of seamlessly integrating a client-side chat app into Nextcloud, while at the same time authentication to a back-end federated XMPP server.

        Many small and medium organisations administer their users in Nextcloud, as no additional tools or setup is required. We show how the same tool we created for JSXC integration can allow you to get rid of separate account management for other services, most notably email. User administration has never been so easy!

        12:03 - 12:08
        Outlook CalDav Synchronizer

          Alexander Nimmervoll (Lecturer UAS Technikum Wien)

        This talk will focus on the improvements of the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer in the last year like Localization support and performance improvements with  the implementation of optional WebDAV Collection Sync (RFC 6578) for calendar and addressbook collections, which speeds up the detection of server changes dramatically. Other new features are support for RFC7986 per-event color handling and contact group syncing. Possible integrations with the Nextcloud calendar and contact apps will be discussed.

        12:08 - 12:13
        Third Generation Cloud Storage with CERNBox

          Giuseppe Lo Presti (Computing Engineer CERN)

        An insight of CERNBox, the CERN cloud storage, and its latest evolution in integrating apps for our scientific community. The Cloud Services for Synchronization & Sharing (CS3) community will be presented as well.
        12:13 - 12:18
        Connecting NFS-Storage with Kerberos-Authentication to Nextcloud

          Michael Roth ( Universität Augsburg)

        I will show an approach to access our file service with Nextcloud over NFSv4 with Kerberos authentication. With these approach Nextcloud does not store a password.
        12:18 - 12:23
        ACLs and Sharing

          Gregor van den Boogaart ( Universität Augsburg, Rechenzentrum)

        When accessing NAS data over the external storage interface, one has to harmonize NextCloud permissions (CRUDS) and NAS permissions (ACLs). At least if planing ahead, this is basically straight forward. I will give some remarks on what can be done and how.

        12:24 - 12:29
        An Event Management Solution by FOSSASIA

          Hong Phuc Dang (Founder FOSSASIA)

        This is a update on the development of Eventyay - an event management solution by Asia open source community network. What's new in the next version. This presentation includes a live demo and a feedback session where audience are welcome to share their wish list or bug report. 
        12:29 - 12:34
        The next dashboard (Nextcloud 15)

          Maxence Lange ( Nextcloud)

        3 minutes lighting talk about the future of the dashboard app for Nextcloud 15: Screenshot, provided tools and incoming improvement.

        12:35 - 12:40
        Easy and maintainable Nextcloud setups in Active Directory environments

          Nico Gulden (Product Manager Apps Univention)

        To hook up Nextcloud to Active Directory can be tedious and error prone. Administrators increase their options in such environments by relying on Univention Corporate Server (UCS). The Nextcloud setup for AD is simplified and maintainability is increased. This talk is about the challenge and the use cases UCS offers to administrators that have to deal with Microsoft Active Directory environments and want to use Nextcloud.
        12:40 - 12:45
        Why people give up while trying to install Nextcloud at home?

          Denis Mosolov (co-founder

        That would be a talk about not so tech savvy people, who don't know much about Docker, IP address etc. I help many of them to set up Nextcloud at home on Raspberry Pi computer but most of them give up when face to technical problems. I'd like to share some insights what people expect about Nextcloud and what we can do to meet their expectations.
        12:45 - 12:50
        Nextcloud Outlook Add-in

          Luc Pasmans (Software Engineer Assanti)

        Presentation about the Nextcloud integration with Outlook. 

        12:51 - 12:56

          Ali Abdollahi (Cyber security division manager FWUTECH)

        One of the security holes in today is the lack of attention to the implementation of all static and dynamic tests as complementary. In this presentation I will show you my own reviews and how to fully confirm the security of a mobile app.

        13:00 - 13:55

          Free lunch for all speakers & guests of Nextcloud Conference!

          14:00 - 14:45
          One year after RGSoC

            Jona Azizaj ( Collabora Productivity), Xheni Myrtaj (Developer phpList)

          Last year we were both RGSoC students working on Nextcloud. We would like to share our journey - why we chose Nextcloud, what happened during the scholarship and what exciting things were waiting for us when we finished the RGSoC.

          14:45 - 14:50
          On My Disk Connector: plug-and-play external storage for Nextcloud

            Alexey Volkov

          Meet On My Disk Connector, Nextcloud-friendly appliance. Live demo and brief overview.
          14:50 - 14:55
          Zone of Privacy

            Bryson C Hill

          Daplie Connect, a plug-and-play consumer server, will be running NextCloud to bring true digital privacy, sovereignty, and freedom to the digital self. Bryson will be discussing the "Zone of Privacy" framework of Software, Hardware, and Protocols to enable true digital sovereignty for the first time on the existing internet infrastructure, including 3rd party systems (known as 3rd party doctrine). He will be framing it from the perspective of a US legal framework, but this methodology could be applied to other legal frameworks as well. Daplie Connect will be implementing this system as a first implementation and proof of concept.

          15:15 - 17:05
          Integrating ONLYOFFICE Online Document Editors with Nextcloud

            Ksenija Fedoruk ( ONLYOFFICE)

          We'll tell you about ONLYOFFICE online editors and our integration app (connector) for Nextcloud, that enables real-time collaborative document editing within Nextcloud interface.

          We'll show you how to extend Nextcloud with powerful document editors, as well as why ONLYOFFICE online editors advantageously stand out from other suites.

          We'll also show what real-time co-editing looks like, collaborate on a doc and test interesting features all together, and of course discuss all follow-up questions. 

          Workshop Room 1
          15:15 - 17:05
          🚧 Let’s break barriers!

            Jan-Christoph Borchardt (Design Lead Nextcloud)

          We will work on testing accessibility of Nextcloud apps and components, fix issues and learn about tools. No matter whether you use Nextcloud, or develop on the web interface, Android, iOS or desktop app: Everyone can help test and fix!  🎉
          Workshop Room 2
          15:15 - 17:05
          How to vue stuff

            John Molakvoæ (Software Engineer Nextcloud)

          Simple workshop on how to migrate or create new nextcloud apps with our freshly created vue components

          Monday, 27th August
          Room 1
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            Coding session
            Tuesday, 28th August
            Room 1
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              Coding sessions

              Wednesday, 29th August
              Room 1
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                Coding session

                Thursday, 30th August
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                Coding session